Care tips from Buxus Jeans of Garden



The Buxus prefers chalky, loamy soil. If the soil is slightly sandy, it is a good idea to use a good compost or a special Buxus soil when planting.


The soil should not dry out, so make sure that it is permeable and remains slightly damp. A Buxus that is planted in a pot outside usually gets too little water because of the full, dense foliage. A shower of rain will not be enough to quench its thirst, so check regularly that the soil has not dried out.


Buxus in a pot usually needs more water. it is important to keep the soil slightly damp, especially in the summer. Make sure you use a good permeable pot to prevent root rot. When you water your Buxus, water the soil and not the plant itself. This prevents mould and leaf burn.


The Buxus has no preferred position. It can do well both in the sun and in the shade.


For the best results, we recommend pruning the Buxus twice a year, preferably first in May and again in mid-September. If you prune later in the year, the Buxus will have a growth spurt and will then become dormant later. The young leaves produced by pruning will not be resistant to frost and cold.

It is best to prune on a cloudy day instead of a sunny one. This prevents burning and discolouration of the leaf edges that can be caused by the evaporation of sap.


Ensuring proper that your plant gets the right nutrients is important for growth and quality. If you want to enjoy your green hero for years to come, it is best to give it some extra plant food twice a year: the first between March and May, and the second between June and July.

If you have planted your Buxus in a pot, give it extra plant food three times a year. The third time should be between August and September. Use dried cow manure pellets or special Buxus fertilizer to keep the plant in best condition.


In the winter, it is wise to keep a potted Buxus in a frost-free place. If you want to provide the Buxus with extra protection against the cold, place a layer of bubble-wrap on the inside of the pot First check that the pot is frost-resistant and give the Buxus less water in the winter. When there is no more risk of night frost, the Buxus can be put outside in its usual place.