Inspiratie met Buxus Jeans of Garden

Inspiratie Voor tuin, terras en balkon

The Buxus is an eye-catcher in the garden. It keeps its green looks throughout the year, giving your garden a permanent natural appearance. The Buxus is known for its versatility, which is an additional source of inspiration.

Because Buxus is available in various varieties, this green hero can be planted anywhere and suits all styles. Use Buxus as natural hedging for gardens and borders, as an eye-catcher in the garden, or in pots on your patio. Buxus also does very well on a balcony. In short, the Buxus is low-maintenance which does not require ‘green fingers’.

Buxus is the perfect evergreen that requires little attention.

Buxus Jeans of Garden helps you to get to know this green hero better by sharing interesting facts, so that you can get the best out of your green friend. Here you can find lots of inspiration and information on how to create the loveliest Buxus hedge and prune your Buxus into extraordinary shapes. There are also nice tips for basing your gardening plans around this green all-rounder.

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